Inbound Tours

Cultural Tour

Burma’s isolation encouraged self-sufficiency – and has created a nation of astonishingly skilled and resourceful craftspeople. Inle Lake is the artisan hub, with lotus weaving, cigar rolling and silversmithing. Markets are a must-see for any culture fiend, and you’ll encounter riverside villages, traditional hill tribes and “spirit houses” on our ...

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Northern Trekking

Putao is the Northern most town of Kachin State, Myanmar. Situated in the north of Myitkyina, the capital city of Kachin state, can reach only by air. The Putao surrounded with snow peaked mountains and the weather is cold around the year. Flora and Fauna can be seen in the forest around Putao. This area is famous for its Nature of originated Flora, especial...

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Tribes & Trek

(Chin Tribe) The Chin inhabits the mountainous region that borders on India and Bangladesh to the west. Chin is one of the original migrate from Tibeto-Burman. In the past, the chin is one of the original high land dwellers. Men wore Loin cloths in the warm months and draped blankets over themselves when the weather turned cool. The women wore poncho like g...

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Explore to Remote Land

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