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Adventure Tours of Myanmar Natural Wonder, We are Specialist for Trekking.

Myanmar Natural Wonder is perfect for adventure tours, trekking and minority. It is a particular part of the famous mountains ever because not so manyforeigners until now have been there. Myanmar Natural Wonder is arrange for the people who have been everywhere, seen everything but want to have a controlled risk about new frontiers, not ending up with some mad people like in the many other countries when leaving the beaten tracks. Such as Mt.Phon Kan Razi, Mt.Phon Yin Razi, Mt. Phang Ram Razi, Mt.Madew Razi those are between 3400 meters to 4500 meters and Mt. Hkakabo Razi which is Myanmar’s and South East Asia’s highest peak at 5,900 meters, is located in the northern most of Kachin State. The mountain was conquered for the first time in1997 by a team of Japanese and Myanmar climbers. The closest town is Putao, a small, quiet place, surrounded by snow-capped mountains stretching from Tibet in the north-west and north-east to China. Snow caped Himalayan mountain ranges with plenty of snow all year long, glaciers and pristine environment, no cable cars, no roads, nothing gives disturbance to nature mother. Steep fields in the valleys around are cultivated. There are gardens of hill rice, maize and millet. Only slopes facing south to west can be cultivated and the yield is rather poor. Fences have been erected to keep deer, pigs, monkeys and others animals out of the fields.The higher region is populated with pine, hemlock and silver fir mixed with some larch. From 2,700 meters to 3,700 meters almost pureconifer forests cover the slopes. There is abundance of herb , hardwoods such as oak, maple, birch,walnut, chestnut as well as around nine different kinds of rhododendron, over eight hundred specious of orchids and others, but only at regions not accessible by roads, if a region is accessible all trees are immediately cut be Chinese and local poachers. Similar adventure tours, not so high but with great nature, rivers can be experienced around Putao valley. The people in the valleys catch fish in thorn-lined conical fish traps, with nets or harpoon. They also eat barking deer, gooral, serow, pheasants and monkeys. When these food sources are scarce, the valley population will eat anything from snails and frogs, to lizards, snakes and wasp grubs. Cold weather mist hangs over the peaceful and serene surroundings almost 6 months of the year. Flowing streams andrivulets, straw-roofed houses and fences of pebbles and creek stones provide a pleasant, pastoral contrast to the scenes and sights of Yangon. Peoples of the Rawan, Lisu, Khamti-Shan, Jingphaw and Kachin are represented in the region. They make a living in the lower areas by growing paddy, fruits, roots and medical plants. Grape fruit, American lime, Washington navel fruit, varieties of peaches and oranges grow. Ginseng and musk are plentiful. Many species of orchid and other exotic flora and fauna such as musk deer, takin and flying squirrel are native to this region.